Information That Can Be Discerned From Your Social Media Accounts

The advent of social media changed the way individuals interact, share information and even perform different tasks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, tiktok and LinkedIn are some of the most widely used social media platforms all over the world. Globally, an average individual spends at least two hours and twenty-two minutes browsing different social media sites daily. 

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The amount of time spent on social media increases on weekends and holidays and also varies across countries, levels of education, occupation and levels of income. There are individuals who spend up to 5 hours a day on social media. But did you know that your social media presence can be used to discern information by private investigators? We take a look at the kind of information that can result from digital Surveillance services such as those offered by digital private investigators.

Basic information 

All social media platforms will require some basic information to open an account. This includes your name, your email address, your phone number, your date of birth, your current work place, your relationship status and in some cases, you can tag your partner or spouse in your profile. This basic information is available to other users on the platform and therefore a private investigator can also access it. 

Your friends and associates

If your accounts remain public on different social media sites, anyone can access such information as your friends, the people you follow and those who follow you, the people you frequently share information with, the pages you like and the kind of services or products they deal with and so on. However, some social media platforms have a private account option that ensures that your information is only available to the people who follow or are connected to you.

Frequently visited areas

Different social media sites allow their users to geotag different photographs while uploading them on the platform. This can be used to determine the areas you have visited during the period under investigation, the amount of time spent in different locations as well as your favourite hangout joints. Geotagging can also reveal the people who accompanied you to any of these places.
Political and religious viewsThe type and amount of content you share on different political and religious happenings can be used by a private investigator to discern what your political inclinations and religious beliefs are. People who are extremely religious and political will naturally share a lot of content either supporting or criticising different political and religious views and happenings. By analysing content from various periods, the investigator can determine how your political and religious views have changed over time.